Tai Chi Shocker

It is normal to exchange small talks with the masseuse while you are getting massaged by her. Today at the massage parlour, the conversation was interesting:

Lim (my masseuse): Do you know Tai Chi?

Me: Well, yeah, I mean I know what it is and have seen people practicing in parks. But I don’t know anything else about it, like benefits and reasons to do it etc.

Lim: It’s very good. It increases your focus, stamina and energy. It has helped me a lot.

Me: Okay! That’s nice.

Lim: But today I am not going to my Tai Chi class.

Me: Why not?

Lim: My Tai Chi teacher is drunk and cannot take class. She sent a message.

I didn’t know how to react. Because, I was of the opinion that Tai Chi is equivalent to Yoga in China. If an Indian yoga teacher excuses herself from teaching a class because she was drunk, it would be something totally unacceptable. It’s because a yoga teacher is expected to be a teetotaller. Well, maybe I am wrong in comparing Yoga with Tai Chi. Perhaps Tai Chi has nothing to do with the principles of Indian Yoga!

This incident has intrigued me to learn more about Tai Chi.