That day, I called for a taxi as I had to attend to some errands. The taxi arrived in 3 minutes. Here’s how my ride went:

He: You look so good Molly! 

Me: Thank you! 

He: Are you Christian?

Me: (Confused) No, I am not Christian.

He: So what are you?

Me: I follow Hinduism.

He: Oh Hindu? But you are not from India, right?

Me: I am. 

He: (Surprised) You are? You don’t look like an Indian. I thought you are from either Philippines or Myanmar. Why do you look like that? My Indian friends here don’t look like that at all. (Singapore Indians mostly belong to the southern part of India.)

Me: Well, I am from north-eastern part of India. It’s nearer to Myanmar. Guess that’s why the features match a little. (I smiled).

He: So you are a Hindu. I know Ganeshan. 

Me: Well, people call Him Ganeshan only in southern part of India. Rest of India calls him Ganesha – the remover of obstacles.

He: Remover of obstacles? Wow man! That means you know what to do when you face some obstacles.

Me: Yes, we do. (Smile)

He: Then why do the south Indian people call him Ganeshan?

Me: Because all names get ‘an’-ified the moment it touches the south border. What’s your name?

He: My name is Jason.

Me: So if you live in south India, you will be known as Jasonan. Do you get my point?

We both laughed and it was my time to pay for the ride and get off.